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Sam Maesato - Owner

Relevant Experience: More than 30 years of my professional experience is in the healthcare industry, both as a healthcare provider and in capital equipment marketing. I worked on many short-term and long-term projects globally with diverse teams of various ethnic backgrounds, personalities and talents.

This experience taught me the importance of focused and engaged workers, and developing a cohesive team to successfully complete projects and effectively grow business. The right people in the right position are key to accomplishing that goal.    

The Big Picture: Our goal is to be a dependable resource for our clients and associates by building lasting relationships based on trust. We are always available to listen to our clients and associates to understand their needs and deliver innovative solutions.

PrideStaff provides the resources, expertise and tools to meet our client and employee needs and deliver on our Mission Statement: “Consistently provide client experiences focused on what they value most.”

The Scoop on Staffing: At PrideStaff, we understand the important role staffing plays in the professional lives of our clients and associates. We focus on placing the right talent in the right positions so our clients can accomplish their goals cost-effectively, on schedule and without difficulty.   

Secrets to Success: The PrideStaff Salt Lake City North team is committed to delivering exceptional service.

Our strength is our ability to understand business pain points and work with employers to achieve their goals effectively and within budget. We also want to place candidates in positions that use their talents, fit their personalities and advance their careers.

Favorite Stress Reliever: I like spending time with family and traveling both domestically and internationally. I especially enjoy traveling by train so I can see the beauty of the different states.

Ronald Gralak - Account Manager

Relevant Experience: Previously as a Global Marketing Manager with a major Healthcare manufacturer I led go-to-market tactical and strategic teams for surgical imaging and urology systems.

The intensity of a process driven and highly regulated industry taught me the value of teamwork and helped me understand the challenges that modern businesses face today. With our team at PrideStaff, I am committed to delivering best-fit staffing solutions that are measured against your core values.

The Big Picture: I am truly fortunate to be in a business that delivers a competitive edge for companies by providing solutions that eliminate chance and inconsistency while reducing staffing headaches.

The Scoop on Staffing: helping good people find good jobs is rewarding in itself while helping businesses meet or exceed their goals for profitability and compliance.

Secrets to Success: hard work and always being committed to delivering solutions that are in the best interest of our customers.

Favorite Stress Reliever: golf, golf, golf, and relaxing in the mountains with my wife Holly.


Astrid Herrera – Staffing Consultant

Relevant Experience: I managed my own business and have 15 plus years of customer service experience in the food services and pharmaceutical businesses. I also have success in dealing with government agencies and process driven organizations.

My positive attitude serves me well when dealing with people with diverse backgrounds and experience. You can count on me to work hard for your business and help you succeed.

The Big Picture: For me it’s all about the people that we help find jobs. Our team and yours will find success when our employees find new jobs and opportunities in life. I also take great pride in uncovering candidates that not only possess the hard skills, but also take pride in doing a job right.

The Scoop on Staffing: When you find people that are committed, trustworthy, and care about others the day to day grind just gets a lot easier.

Secrets to Success: Staying motivated and always striving to do the best job that we can.

Favorite Stress Reliever: spending time with my daughter……